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Established in 1995 and ISO-9001 certified manufacturer, Greegoo is a leading motor control unit and switchgears in China. With more than 1,000 standard models and based on our over 15 years design, manufacture and distribution experiences in industry, we believe that we can offer you a total solution and be your reliable power partner. 
Solid State Relays

Greegoo offer single phase, 3 phase, dual output, PCB & din-rail mount, control solid state relays.

Thyristor Diode Modules

Single, Dual, three phase thyristor module, diode module, thyristor diode modules, international standard package.

Bridge Rectifier

Single & three phase bridge rectifier,widely used for three phase rectifiers for power supplies, input rectifiers for variable frequency drives, rectifiers for DC motor field supplies, battery charger rectifiers.


Greegoo offer FRED module products made in the low-cost non-isolated package and the full-isolated package. FRED modules including Single Unit, Half-Bridge, Common-Cathode and Common-Anode.

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Phase Control Thyristors

Stud & capsule/discrete version, phase control thyristor, fast thyristor, inverter grade thyristor.

Rectifier Diodes

Stud and disc type SCR rectifier diodes, standard recovery diode, fast recovery rectifier diode, freewheeling diode, and welding diodes etc.

Vacuum Contactors

Vacuum contactors are contactors with electromagnetic operating mechanism for lo...

Motor Protection

Motor protection covering magnetic contactor, thermal relay, mpcb, soft starter and vfd etc.

Rotary Cam Switches

Cam switches are ideal for ammeter or voltmeter applications. Staggered screw terminals allow for easy wiring, and a large variety of handle styles are available (including key operated) to satisfy almost any demand either aesthetic or functional.

Limit/Micro/Foot Switches

By the switch contacts opening and closing state changes to the control circuit and machine.


These Proximity Sensors use high-frequency oscillation. They resist heat, chemicals, and water better than Rectangular Sensors. They are available in both shielded and unshielded models.

Pushbutton & Pilot light

Pushbutton switches of GB2, GB4, GB5, AD26B/C pilot light and XAL, COB control stations.

Surge Protection Devices

We offering spark gap, MOV and Spark tube type surge protection devices for different protection area.

Residual Current Device RCD/RCCB

Short-circuit, overload, residual current protection switch, MCB, RCCB and RCBO.


AC to DC switching power supplies, automatic voltage regulator, dc to dc converter, dc regulated psu etc.