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    Heat Shrinkable Tube Sleeve TubingHeat Shrinkable Tube Sleeve TubingHeat Shrinkable Tube Sleeve TubingHeat Shrinkable Tube Sleeve TubingHeat Shrinkable Tube Sleeve TubingHeat Shrinkable Tube Sleeve TubingHeat Shrinkable Tube Sleeve TubingHeat Shrinkable Tube Sleeve Tubing
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Heat Shrinkable Tube Sleeve Tubing

A heat-shrinkable tube, also known as heat shrink tubing or heat shrink sleeve, is a type of flexible plastic tube that can shrink in size when exposed to heat. It is commonly made from materials such as polyolefin, PVC, or fluoropolymer, and it is designed to provide various electrical, mechanical, and environmental protection for wires, cables, and other components.


  • Wire and Cable Insulation:Heat shrink tubing is widely used to insulate and protect electrical wires and cables. It helps to prevent moisture, dust, and contaminants from affecting the conductors, making it essential in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics.

  • Wire Identification:Colored heat shrink tubing can be used for wire and cable identification. Different colors can represent different functions, which aids in organization and troubleshooting.

  • Strain Relief:It can be used to provide strain relief for connectors and joints, preventing damage to wires caused by tension or bending.

  • Mechanical Protection:Heat shrink tubing can protect components from abrasion, chemicals, and environmental elements. For example, it can be used to cover the handles of tools, improving grip and durability.

  • Waterproofing:Heat shrink tubing with adhesive lining is commonly used to create watertight seals, making it suitable for outdoor and marine applications.


  • Heat-Sensitivity:The tubing can shrink in size when heated, typically with the use of a heat gun or an open flame. This allows it to conform tightly to the underlying object.

  • Variety of Sizes and Colors:Heat shrink tubing comes in various diameters, lengths, and colors to suit different applications.

  • Materials:Different materials provide specific properties. For example, polyolefin is a common choice for electrical insulation due to its electrical insulating properties, while fluoropolymer offers high-temperature resistance.

  • Adhesive-Lined:Some heat shrink tubing is lined with adhesive that melts and seals the tubing to the object it covers, providing extra protection against moisture and contaminants.


  • Protection:Heat shrink tubing protects against environmental factors, such as moisture, chemicals, and abrasion, extending the lifespan of components.
  • Identification:It simplifies cable management by allowing for color coding and easy identification of wires and cables.
  • Mechanical Support:Heat shrink tubing provides strain relief and can prevent cables from bending or pulling excessively, reducing the risk of damage.
  • Waterproofing:The adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing provides an effective way to create waterproof seals for connectors and splices.
  • Professional Appearance:It gives a neat and professional look to cable assemblies, making them more organized and visually appealing.
  • Easy Installation:Heat shrink tubing is relatively easy to install, and it does not require special tools or expertise.

A cold shrinkable tube, often referred to as cold shrink tubing or simply cold shrink, is a type of flexible rubber or silicone tube that provides insulation, sealing, and protection for a variety of applications. Unlike heat shrink tubing, which requires the application of heat to shrink and seal, cold shrink tubing is installed without the need for external heat sources. It is pre-expanded and placed over the target object, and then it shrinks and conforms to the object's shape when the support structure is removed, creating a secure and weather-resistant seal.

Key characteristics and features of cold shrink tubing include:

  • Ease of Installation:Cold shrink tubing is easier and safer to install compared to heat shrink tubing, as it does not require an open flame, heat gun, or specialized tools. This makes it a popular choice for applications where heat cannot be used or is not practical.
  • Material:Cold shrink tubing is typically made from high-quality rubber or silicone materials, providing good electrical insulation and weather resistance.
  • Versatility:It can be used for a wide range of applications, including insulating and sealing electrical connectors, cable splices, and terminations in both low and high voltage applications.
  • Environmental Protection:Cold shrink tubing offers protection against moisture, dust, UV radiation, and other environmental factors, making it suitable for outdoor and underground applications.
  • Durability:The rubber or silicone material is typically resistant to aging, ozone, and corona discharge, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.
  • Conformance:Cold shrink tubing conforms tightly to the object it covers, providing a snug fit and excellent seal, even on irregular shapes.

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Stress Control Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RSCT)

Semi-Conductive Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RSMC)

Anti Tracking Insulation Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RAT)

Bus-Bar Insulation Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RBBT)

Oil Resistant Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RORT)

Protective Jacket Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RJKT)

Medium Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing With Hot Melting Adhesive (RMW)

Heavy Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing With Hot Melting Adhesive (RHW)

Thin Wall and Dual Wall Tubing -- Catalogue Download

Thin Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RDRS 2X)  Shrink Ratio 2:1

Thin Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RDRS 2X)  Shrink Ratio 2:1 

Thin Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RDRS 3X) Shrink Ratio 3:1

Yellow/Green Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RYG 2X) Shrink Ratio 2:1

Dual Wall With Adhesive Tubing (RDW 3X RDW 4X) Shrink Ratio 3:1 & 4:1 

Heat Shrinkable Fiber Optic Splice Protector (RGQT)

Heat Shrinkable Termination Kit and Straight Through Joint (0.6/1KV, 8.7/15kV, 20/24kV, 26/35KV) -- Catalogue Download

Cold Shrinkable Termination Kit and Straight Through Joint (0.6/1KV, 8.7/15kV, 20/24kV, 26/35KV) -- Catalogue Download

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