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    GW1 630A to 6300A Air Circuit Breakers ACBGW1 630A to 6300A Air Circuit Breakers ACBGW1 630A to 6300A Air Circuit Breakers ACBGW1 630A to 6300A Air Circuit Breakers ACBGW1 630A to 6300A Air Circuit Breakers ACBGW1 630A to 6300A Air Circuit Breakers ACBGW1 630A to 6300A Air Circuit Breakers ACBGW1 630A to 6300A Air Circuit Breakers ACB
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GW1 630A to 6300A Air Circuit Breakers ACB

The GW1 Series intelligent universal air circuit breakers are a specific type of air circuit breakers designed for use in electrical distribution networks. Here are some key features and characteristics of the GW1 Series:

  • Suitable for AC 50Hz: The GW1 Series breakers are designed to operate with a frequency of 50Hz, which is the standard frequency for alternating current power systems in many countries.
  • Rated current and voltage: The breakers are rated for a range of currents from 630A to 6300A, and they can handle rated voltages of 400V and 690V. This makes them suitable for various applications and power distribution scenarios.
  • Protection functions: The GW1 Series breakers provide comprehensive protection functions to safeguard electrical circuits and power supply equipment. They can protect against hazards such as overload, under voltage, short circuit, and single-phase grounding faults. These protection features help prevent damage to equipment and ensure the safety of the power distribution system.
  • Intelligent protection: The breakers incorporate intelligent protection functions, allowing for selective protection and precise response to electrical faults. This means that only the affected circuit is isolated and disconnected while other parts of the system remain operational. This selective protection helps to minimize disruptions and improves the overall reliability of the power supply.
  • Communication interface: The GW1 Series breakers are equipped with an open communication interface, enabling integration with remote control and automation systems. This interface allows for remote monitoring, control, and data exchange, meeting the requirements of modern power distribution and management systems.

The GW1 Series intelligent universal air circuit breakers offer a combination of advanced protection features, intelligent functionality, and communication capabilities. They are designed to enhance the reliability and efficiency of power distribution systems while providing effective protection against electrical faults.

2.2.1 installation



2.2.2 number of poles: three-pole and four-pole

2.2.3-by mode of operation

A. Electrical operated

B. manual operation (repair and maintenance)

2.3 tripping device type

Intelligent controller, under the instantaneous voltage (or delayed) release, and shunt release.

2.4 performance intelligent controller

A. intelligent controller are: h-type (communications), m (General Intelligence), l-(budget);

B. overload for long-time inverse-time overcurrent, short delay inverse time, definite and instantaneous functions.

Composition can be set by users themselves need protection;

C. single phase grounding fault protection features;

D. display: the display, operation current display setting current, line voltage display (voltage display should be made

at time of order);

E. alarm: overload alarm.

F. self-inspection function: hot post, computer diagnosis;

G. test function: test controller operation characteristics.

Current Range

Frame rated current (A) Rated current range (A)
2000 630、800、1000、1250、1600、2000
3200 2000、2500、2900、3200
4000 3200、3600、4000
6300 4000、5000、6300

Main Electrical Parameters
Frame rated current (A) 2000 3200 4000 6300
Rated limited short-circuit breaking

capacity lcu O-CO (KA)

400V 80 100 100 120
690V 50 65 65 85
Rated short-circuit making capacity
 (KA) NX Icu/cosO
400V 176/0.2 220/0.2 220/0.2 264/0.2
690V 105/0.25 143/0.2 143/0.2 187/0.2
 Rated short circuit breaking
capacity Ics O-CO-CO (KA)
400V 50 65 65 100
690V 40 65 65 75
Rated short-time withstand
currentlewv 1S delay 0.4s,O-CO (KA)
400V 50 65 65/80(MCR) 85/100(MCR)
690V 40 50 50/65(MCR) 65/75(MCR)
Note: the line breaking capacity in the same.

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