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Product Details

Single Phase DIN-RAIL 4P Modbus Electric Power Meter LCD Digital Energy Meter RS485

Large screen LCD  display; RS485 (communication protocol MODBUS-RTU) remote meter reading function, which can accurately measure active energy; Using advanced ultra-low power and large-scale integrated circuit technology and SMT manufacturing process; The key components are long-life devices from internationally renowned brands, which improve the reliability and durability of the products.

Working Humidity  ≤ 75%                                                      
Storage Humidity   ≤ 95%
Operating Temperature  -10°C - +50°C
Storage Temperature   -30°C - +70°C
International standard   IEC 62053-21
Domestic Standard GB/T17215.321-2008
Accuracy Class 1
Dustproof and Waterproof   IP 51
Protective Insulation Encapsulation Type

Model GEM011SI
Reference Voltage (Un)   220V 230V 240V
Operating Voltage   181/279V AC (3~)
Rated Current (Ib)  2.5 5A 10A 15A 20A 30A
Maximum Current (Imax)  10A 20A 40A 60A 80A 100A
Starting Current   ≤0.004b(Direct Access)
Withstand Overload Current  30Imax 0.01s
Working Frequency   50Hz±10%
Internal Power Consumption  ≤2W / 10VA
Pulse Constant  1000imp
RS485 Port  23(A) and 24(B)
Data Storage Time  >20 Years

LCD Display:
1st Screen displays ID address                     Add                          001
2nd Screen displays baud rate                       bd                          9600
3rd Screen displays constant                       CoSE                        1000imp

4th Screen displays the total amount of electricity          000000.00           kWh


Intrinsic Error:

Single phase balanced load
0.05Ib                       Cosφ = 1 ±1.5%
0.1Ib                         Cosφ = 0.5L ±1.5%
                                 Cosφ = 0.8C ±1.5%
0.1Ib - Imax               Cosφ = 1 ±1.0%
0.2Ib - Imax               Cosφ = 0.5L ±1.0%
                                 Cosφ = 0.8C ±1.0%

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