GREEGOO will march forward steadily in international market...

GREEGOO in Chinese means "Honest, Prosperous and Fortunate".

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High voltage relay, vacuum relay, gas filled relay

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GVC5-250A Low voltage Vacuum Contactors

250A 1140V GVC5-250A/1140V vacuum contactor.

15A to 60A Din Rail Mount Solid State Contactor

17.5mm solid state contactor, integrated heatsink with din rail clamps, 15A, 25A, 40A and 60A.

Avalanche diode capsule version DL253-2000-24

DL253-2000-24, 2000A 1200V to 2600V.

IGBT modules

600V, 650V, 1200V, 1700V IGBT modules

Solid State Relays

Greegoo solid state relays, single phase and three phase, 15A to 1000A, motor reversing ssr and dc ssr etc.

Dual thyristor modules

Thyristor module, scr module, dual thyristor module, 26A to 1200A under 1800V, MT, MTC, MTK, MTA, MTY and MTG etc.


Vacuum Capacitor, fixed and variable type.

Our fixed and variable vacuum capacitors are fully compatible and can be used as direct replacements for models from COMET and Jennings such as CVBA-500/BC/5-BEA-L, CVFP-1000-30S, CVDP-2300-15S, UCSX-1000-15S and many more.

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Bridge Rectifier Modules, Diode Bridge Rectifiers

Greegoo's rectifier bridge covering single three/3 phase full wave bridge rectifier, diode bridge, ac to dc rectifier. Diode bridge module, good replacement of IXYS, Semikron, Powerex, Vishay and Crydom bride rectifier.

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Considerations for Solid State Relays Selection

For resistive loads, a 2-3 times higher load current can be selected. For inductive or capacitive loads, a 3-4 times higher load current can be selected.

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Protective and Measuring Transformers for Medium-Voltage Equipment

Indoor support-type current transformer in block-type design

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