GREEGOO will march forward steadily in international market...

GREEGOO in Chinese means "Honest, Prosperous and Fortunate".

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High Quality SSR - Greegoo Manufacturing

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High Voltage Vacuum Contactors

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EVC9 3.6KV Vacuum Contactor

3.6KV 400A vacuum contactor, open frame, 3a+3b contacts, enjoying brisk demand in the buying public as reliable performance.

Fast Recovery Diode

2 pin and 3 pin, package at TO220AB/F 8-30A, TO220AC/F, TO247AC 15-75A, TO247AB 20-80A, TO-3PAB 20-80A etc.

High Voltage Diode

Package of DO-41 4000V, DO-15 4000V, DO-206 8000V, DO-201 fast recovery diode 2 pin.

Three phase Bridge Rectifier

Bridge rectifier series of ST, ST-W, ST-L, ST-S, SGBPC, SGBJ and 3GBJ.

Symbol Meaning & Model Explanation of Greegoo Power Semiconductors

Symbol Meaning & Model Explanation of Greegoo Power Semiconductors, such as phase control thyristor, rectifier diode, thyristor diode modules etc.

Cold shrinkable tubing

A cold shrinkable tube, often referred to as cold shrink tubing or simply cold shrink, is a type of flexible rubber or silicone tube that provides insulation, sealing, and protection for a variety of applications.


IGBT modules 15A to 1600A in voltage classes from 600V to 1700V

IGBT modules are used as inverter welding machine; inverter power supply, frequency converter, UPS; electric vehicle; photovoltaic inverter, industrial servo service; switched reluctance motor, chopper speed regulation; induction heating, etc.

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Bridge Rectifier Modules, Diode Bridge Rectifiers

Greegoo's rectifier bridge covering single three/3 phase full wave bridge rectifier, diode bridge, ac to dc rectifier. Diode bridge module, good replacement of IXYS, Semikron, Powerex, Vishay and Crydom bride rectifier.

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FASTON terminals connection SSR 1 phase ac switching SSR Relay

1-Phase, 15A and 25A, 230VAC with LED status indicator, FASTON terminals connection, easy to use, compact design, miniature package for space-demanding applications.

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Anti-parallel Thyristor Modules

Anti-parallel Thyristor Modules, Semikron Design, compact size, high reliability.

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