GREEGOO will march forward steadily in international market...

GREEGOO in Chinese means "Honest, Prosperous and Fortunate".

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IGBT modules

600V, 650V, 1200V, 1700V IGBT modules

Solid State Relays

Greegoo solid state relays, single phase and three phase, 15A to 1000A, motor reversing ssr and dc ssr etc.

Dual thyristor modules

Thyristor module, scr module, dual thyristor module, 26A to 1200A under 1800V, MT, MTC, MTK, MTA, MTY and MTG etc.

Dual diode modules

Rectifier diode modules, dual diode modules, diode diode module, 26A to 1200A under 1800V, MD, MDC, MDK, MDA, MDY etc.


IGBT modules 15A to 1600A in voltage classes from 600V to 1700V

IGBT modules are used as inverter welding machine; inverter power supply, frequency converter, UPS; electric vehicle; photovoltaic inverter, industrial servo service; switched reluctance motor, chopper speed regulation; induction heating, etc.

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Bridge Rectifier Modules, Diode Bridge Rectifiers

Greegoo's rectifier bridge covering single three/3 phase full wave bridge rectifier, diode bridge, ac to dc rectifier. Diode bridge module, good replacement of IXYS, Semikron, Powerex, Vishay and Crydom bride rectifier.

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Solid state relays

Greegoo's SSR, solid state relays, structure, appearance, types and features. Single phase, ac switching and dc switching, panel mount and solid state modules, 10A to 400A.

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Greegoo's motor reversing solid state relays introduction

A motor reversing solid-state relay (SSR) is an electrical switching device used to control the direction of rotation of an electric motor, direction reversal, solid state technology, fast control with protection, Noiseless Operation, compact design, longer operational lifespan.

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