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    15A to 60A Din Rail Mount Solid State Contactor15A to 60A Din Rail Mount Solid State Contactor15A to 60A Din Rail Mount Solid State Contactor15A to 60A Din Rail Mount Solid State Contactor15A to 60A Din Rail Mount Solid State Contactor15A to 60A Din Rail Mount Solid State Contactor
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Product Details

15A to 60A Din Rail Mount Solid State Contactor

This slimline solid state contactors present a unique opportunity for panel space savings thanks to their very slim footprint. The SSR is the ready-to-use range that is provided with an integrated heatsink with DIN rail clamps. The radiator is oxidized black and the surface is mirror-finished. The smallest footprint occupies only a width of 17.5 mm with ratings up to 60A. The power and control terminals allow for safe looping of cables. Spring loaded pluggable control terminals are an option when faster installation time is required.


  • Panel space savings.
  • Less maintenance costs.
  • Low machine downtime.
  • Ease of use.
  • Fast wiring.
  • Protection against SSR overheat.


Plastic injection machines, Extrusion machines, Blow moulding machines, Dryers, Electrical ovens, Fryers, Shrink tunnels, Air handling units, Climatic chambers, Ovens and furnaces, Ambient heating.

Main features

  • Ratings: 15A, 25A, 40A and 60A
  • Output voltage: 480Vac and 600Vac
  • Control voltage: 4-32Vdc, 90-280Vac
  • Integrated IP20 touch-safe removable covers
  • Din rail mount
  • Zero cross or instantaneous/random switching (resistive or inductive loads)

Model explanation


G - Greegoo

DA - DC to AC, AA - AC to AC (Control Voltage: DC:4-32VDC; AC: 90-280VAC)

48 - 480VAC; 60 - 600VAC 

40 - 40A; 15 - 15A; 25 - 25A; 60 - 60A

Z - Zero crossing switching; R - Random switching

Model Selection

Control Voltage Load Votlage Control Method Rated operational current
15A 25A 40A 60A
4-32VDC 480VAC Zero crossing GDA4815Z GDA4825Z GDA4840Z GDA4860Z
Random switching GDA4815R GDA4825R GDA4840R GDA4860R
600VAC Zero crossing GDA6015Z GDA6025Z GDA6040Z GDA6060Z
Random switching GDA6015R GDA6025R GDA6040R GDA6060R
90-280VAC 480VAC Zero crossing GAA4815Z GAA4825Z GAA4840Z GAA4860Z
Random switching GAA4815R GAA4825R GAA4840R GAA4860R
600VAC Zero crossing GAA6015Z GAA6025Z GAA6040Z GAA6060Z
Random switching GAA6015R GAA6025R GAA6040R GAA6060R

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