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1SemiconductorsStud and discrete thyristor and rectifier diodesClick Download
29CB MCB9CB MCB, 6A to 63A, 10kA, Type B,C,D against overload and short-circuit protection.Click Download
3EVC9 3.6KV Vacuum Contactor3.6KV 400A vacuum contactor, open frame, 3a+3b contacts, enjoying brisk demand in the buying public as reliable performance.Click Download
4G300HF120TK-G2IGBT module, 300A 1200V.Click Download
5Fast Recovery Diode2 pin and 3 pin, package at TO220AB/F 8-30A, TO220AC/F, TO247AC 15-75A, TO247AB 20-80A, TO-3PAB 20-80A etc.Click Download
6High Voltage DiodePackage of DO-41 4000V, DO-15 4000V, DO-206 8000V, DO-201 fast recovery diode 2 pin.Click Download
7Three phase Bridge RectifierBridge rectifier series of ST, ST-W, ST-L, ST-S, SGBPC, SGBJ and 3GBJ.Click Download
8Symbol Meaning & Model Explanation of Greegoo Power SemiconductorsSymbol Meaning & Model Explanation of Greegoo Power Semiconductors, such as phase control thyristor, rectifier diode, thyristor diode modules etc.Click Download
9Cold shrinkable tubingA cold shrinkable tube, often referred to as cold shrink tubing or simply cold shrink, is a type of flexible rubber or silicone tube that provides insulation, sealing, and protection for a variety of applications.Click Download
10Heat shrinkable tube, sleeve, heat shrink tubingA heat-shrinkable tube, also known as heat shrink tubing or heat shrink sleeve, is a type of flexible plastic tube that can shrink in size when exposed to heat. It is commonly made from materials such as polyolefin, PVC, or fluoropolymer, and it is designed to provide various electrical, mechanical, and environmental protection for wires, cables, and other components.Click Download
11Medium voltage tubing, shrinkable tubesAnti Tracking Insulation Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RAT), Bus-Bar Insulation Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RBBT), Semi-Conductive Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RSMC), Medium Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing With Hot Melting Adhesive (RMW), Heavy Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing With Hot Melting Adhesive (RHW) etc. Click Download
12Thin Wall and Dual Wall Tubing Thin Wall and Dual Wall Tubing, Dual Wall With Adhesive Tubing (RDW 3X RDW 4X) Shrink Ratio 3:1 & 4:1, Thin Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RDRS 2X) Shrink Ratio 2:1, Thin Wall Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RDRS 2X) Shrink Ratio 2:1, Yellow/Green Heat Shrinkable Tubing (RYG 2X) Shrink Ratio 2:1Click Download
13Single Phase Bridge RectifiersSingle Phase Bridge Rectifier Series of MBS, ABS, MBF, DB, DBS, KBP, GBP, D3K, GBL, SGBL, KBL, KBU, GBU, KBJ, HD, KBPC-W, GBPC, GBPC-W, GBPC-WL, SBL, DT28, DT33.Click Download
14G400HF120TK-G2IGBT Modules, 400A 1200V.Click Download
15IGBT modulesIGBT power modules,50A, 75A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 300A.Click Download
16Solid State RelaysGreegoo solid state relays, single phase and three phase, 15A to 1000A, motor reversing ssr and dc ssr etc.Click Download
17Dual thyristor modulesThyristor module, scr module, dual thyristor module, 26A to 1200A under 1800V, MT, MTC, MTK, MTA, MTY and MTG etc.Click Download
18Limit SwitchesTZ-8, CZ-93, CSA, CZ-8, CLS, CWL, CHL, TZ-6, CZ-3 limit switchesClick Download
19Safety light curtains10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 80mm safety light curtains and controllers.Click Download
20Dual diode modulesRectifier diode modules, dual diode modules, diode diode module, 26A to 1200A under 1800V, MD, MDC, MDK, MDA, MDY etc.Click Download
21Safety Limit SwitchesC4B-N, CZE, C4N, C4N-R Safety Limit SwitchesClick Download
22Thyristor diode moduleThyristor diode module, 1 scr + 1 diode combined module, MFC series.Click Download
23Single phase solid state relaysGDH series single phase solid state relays, 10A to 1000A, 4-32VDC, 4-16VDC, 90-250VAC control.Click Download
24Micro SwitchesCZ-7, CM13, CMV micro switchesClick Download