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    12000A Dual thyristor module2000A dual thyristor module, MTC 2000A 1200V,1600V and 1800V.Click Download
    2RCCB 16A to 125ARCCB, ELCB, RCD, 16A to 125A, 2P and 4P, 30mA to 300mA, CE, CB, SEMKO and ROHS approved.Click Download
    3GM2 MCCB63A to 1250A MCCB, electronic type and thermal magnetic type available.Click Download
    4GM1 MCCBGM1 MCCB, moulded case circuit breaker, 2P, 3P and 4PClick Download
    54CB and 8CB MCB4CB, 3kA, 4.5kA and 6kA, 6A to 125A, 8CB, 6kA and 10kA, 2A to 63A, short circuit and overload protection in the circuit.Click Download
    6Semiconductor protection fuseRS4, RS8 series Semiconductor protection fuseClick Download
    7GMC/GMD magnetic contactors and GTH Thermal relaysGMC/GMD magnetic contactors, GTH thermal overload relaysClick Download
    8Single phase solid state relaysGDH series single phase solid state relays, 10A to 1000A, 4-32VDC, 4-16VDC, 90-250VAC control.Click Download
    9Optic fiber sensorGX4, GF4, FX, FT and TD series.Click Download
    10High power contactors up to 3200ACJX2-R range of 1000A to 3200A, CJX2-B up to 1800A, GLC1-D up to 620A, GLC1-F up to 800A, CJ19 to 170A and GCR1-F series magnetic latching contactors etc.Click Download
    11Solar PV fusesRated voltage: DC1000V; rated current:63A; service category: gPV; also available for derivatives like gG and aM; breaking capacity: 20kA; and main guidance and conformity standards: IEC60269-1,IEC60269-6.Click Download
    12Digital Panel MetersDigital panel meters, 96x96,72x72, din rail mount digital ammeter, voltmeter, frequency meter etc.Click Download
    13Thyristor diode moduleThyristor diode module, 1 scr + 1 diode combined module, MFC series.Click Download
    14Dual diode modulesRectifier diode modules, dual diode modules, diode diode module, 26A to 1200A under 1800V, MD, MDC, MDK, MDA, MDY etc.Click Download
    15Dual thyristor modulesThyristor module, scr module, dual thyristor module, 26A to 1200A under 1800V, MT, MTC, MTK, MTA, MTY and MTG etc.Click Download
    16SemiconductorsStud and discrete thyristor and rectifier diodesClick Download
    17Solid State RelaysGreegoo solid state relays, single phase and three phase, 15A to 1000A, motor reversing ssr and dc ssr etc.Click Download
    18Frequency Inverters (Variable Frequency Drive)Frequency Inverters (Variable Frequency Drive -VFD), 220V, 0.4-2.2KW, 380V, 0.75kW to 630kW.Click Download
    19Magnetic ContactorsMagnetic contactors, GLC1-D/F, GLC2-D/F and GLC3-D/F etc power contactors.Click Download
    20IGBT modulesIGBT power modules,50A, 75A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 300A.Click Download
    21Greegoo's IntroductionGreegoo's Introduction Video, rar format file.Click Download
    22HV C.T and V.TSingle phase epoxy resin casting type current transformer and voltage transformer, indoor and outdoor version, 10kV to 36kV.Click Download
    23SwitchgearsLoad break switches, manual & automatic transfer switches, fuse combination switches. Click Download
    24SPDSurge protection device, class 1, 2,3 @ 80/20us, 10/350, 10kA, 20kA, 40kA, 65kA, 80kA, 100kA, 120kA, 160kA Imax.Click Download