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Modular Kwh Meter

Active electric energy meter. It is a single-phase or three phase consumption meter that allows to determine the kilowatt hours (KWh) consumed in an electrical installation. Digital display mode with backlit 6 + 1 digit LCD screen. Class 1 counter for alternating current in 50/60 Hz networks and by 3200 imp/KWh. Meets the IEC 62053-21 standard.

Modular KWH Meter Single Phase
5(100)A, RS485/MODBUS-RTU is alternative.
Good reliability, small volume, light weight , specious nice appearance, convenient installation, etc.
It's the smallest AMR meter in the world with multifunction. It is popular in West European as its standard installation with DIN EN 50022, small size, RS485 as well as multi-functional, which is the ideal solution for residential and commercial installations.
Three phase din rail KWH meters
3x127V/220V, 3x230V/400V, 5(80)A 10(60)A 20(100)A, 4P
Display total energy consumption by step motor type impulse register
3 phase multi-tariff DIN rail active energy meter
3ph 4 wire, multi-rate, multi-tariff din rail active energy meter

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