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2021/10/12 9:42:09
10 to 2500A at 12 to 2000V DC to DC Solid sate relays, DC SSR, high current high voltage dc ssr.
2021/8/18 10:40:35
10A to 120A single phase solid state relays are approved by CE against the latest European directives 2014/35/EU LVD and 2014/30/EU EMC.
2021/7/6 10:43:56
Disc type Fast Switching Thyristors are popular used on metal smelting areas, induction heating furnace, smelting furnace, ARC furnace, Vacuum furnace, thyristor frequency converter.
2021/5/27 15:15:19
6kA RCBO,18mm width, 81mm length, save valuable switchboard space
2020/12/24 8:41:50
We wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year 2021!
2020/12/1 11:57:09
As your old partner, we sincerely ask you to make preparations in advance and ensure enough stock. If you have any new requirements or purchase plan in coming 4 months, please send them to us ASAP so that we can arrange production schedule properly and dispatch goods before vacation.
2020/11/15 13:59:25
High power rectifier diodes and Phase Control Thyristors (PCT) for SVC, HVDC, soft-starter and power supplies with "Topsil" brand silicon from Danmark,"LEM" test equipment