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2019/6/27 15:15:19
6kA RCBO,18mm width, 81mm length, save valuable switchboard space
2019/5/27 18:30:47
Greegoo's combination AFCIs electronically identify unique current and voltage characteristics of all arc faults and de-energize the entire circuit when one occurs.
2019/4/14 12:00:00
400A and 630A single phase vacuum contactor for locomotive, wind power and variable device used as main switches and side operation switches.
2019/3/6 10:43:56
Disc type Fast Switching Thyristors are popular used on metal smelting areas, induction heating furnace, smelting furnace, ARC furnace, Vacuum furnace, thyristor frequency converter.
2019/2/20 11:10:47
The B type residual current circuit breakers provide protection in the event of a continuous fault current on three-phase networks generated by controllers and variable speed drives;battery chargers and inverters; backed-up power supplies.
2019/1/30 0:00:00
The Chinese New Year is coming, our factory will be closed from Jan.31st to Feb.14th. We will be back on Feb.15th.
2018/5/3 13:59:25
We, GREEGOO Electric Co.,Ltd state here that all our official email address are with suffix "",for example, , ,, ...etc.