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2022/2/26 21:27:29
Compact size, space saving, 800A to 1400A vacuum contactor, special for wind power and PV solar.
2022/2/11 17:22:43
No maintenance of slip rings and carbon brushes, high reliability; There is no pollution of the motor coil caused by carbon powder and copper powder, and the insulation life is long; No friction sparks, suitable for operation in harsh environments.
2022/2/8 21:27:29
We enjoyed a wonderful holiday in past couple of weeks and celebrated our Chinese New Year & the opening ceremony of Olympic Winter Games. Now we're back and resume our work with full energy. Welcome to your contact or inquiry. We are pround to serve you better.
2021/10/12 9:42:09
10 to 2500A at 12 to 2000V DC to DC Solid sate relays, DC SSR, high current high voltage dc ssr.
2021/8/18 10:40:35
10A to 120A single phase solid state relays are approved by CE against the latest European directives 2014/35/EU LVD and 2014/30/EU EMC.
2021/7/6 10:43:56
Disc type Fast Switching Thyristors are popular used on metal smelting areas, induction heating furnace, smelting furnace, ARC furnace, Vacuum furnace, thyristor frequency converter.
2021/5/27 15:15:19
6kA RCBO,18mm width, 81mm length, save valuable switchboard space