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Greegoo's motor reversing solid state relays introduction
A motor reversing solid-state relay (SSR) is an electrical switching device used to control the direction of rotation of an electric motor, direction reversal, solid state technology, fast control with protection, Noiseless Operation, compact design, longer operational lifespan.
Low voltage drop DC SSR, charging and discharging DC SSR launched.
Low voltage drop DC SSR, charging and discharging SSR
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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our updated website, filled with exciting features and valuable resources to enhance your experience with Greegoo products and services.
1-Phase Solid State Contactors
A unique opportunity for panel space savings, 10A to 60A, 17.5mm width.
3 Phase Universal SCR Power Controller
Universal SCR power controller, three phase 25A to 2500A, single phase 10A to 800A, can fully replace brands such as Germany's AGE, Japan's RKC, Italy's CD, and brands from Europe, America, Japan, and Korea.
Anti-parallel Thyristor Modules
Anti-parallel Thyristor Modules, Semikron Design, compact size, high reliability.
Vacuum Contactors
Vacuum contactors are electrical devices with high performance, high safety, and high energy efficiency, suitable for various industrial and commercial applications.