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High current, high voltage, low holding power, compact size of Vacuum Contactors
Date:2022.02.26 Views:996
Greegoo GVC9 series vacuum contactors are specifically designed for very high current ranges from 800 A to 1,400 A. With their electronically controlled drives, compact size and long service life, the contactors make for a reliable component in any machine and system.


Utilization category AC 1 and AC 3
Suitable for up to 1,000 V
AC/DC wide-range coil
Low holding power
Compact size, space saving of electrical switch cabinet
Auxiliary contacts: three NO, three NC
Significantly less heating of switch cabinet
Longer service life of the switching contacts
A tighter arrangement of the switchgear is possible

The holding power of the contactors is process-controlled, which causes significantly less heating inside the switch cabinet. In addition, this optimization of the contact forces also contributes to a longer service life of the switching contacts. The suppressor circuit is already built in, as are the three NO contacts, the three NC contacts and the auxiliary contacts.

Due to its low pull-in power, the comfort version of the contactors facilitates the implementation of smaller control transformers.

The vacuum technology allows for the implementation of a compact design, as it prevents the formation of open arcs and thus the release of any switching gases. As such, a tighter arrangement of the switchgear is possible, and the distances to conductive structures can be smaller than would otherwise be the case.



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