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Protection for EV charging, B type earth leakage protection, EV charging RCCB
Date:2020.08.20 Views:5558
B type residual current device (For circuit AC & DC leakage current protection)

Many electrical installations now contain products which incorporate power electronics, such as inverters for PV installations, speed control in HVAC, some running machines, UPS, medical equipment etc. This type of equipment can produce, in addition to standard 50Hz earth leakage currents, pure DC and high frequency AC leakage currents which would not be detected by a standard AC or A type RCCB. ‘B' type RCCBs in addition to normal AC, can detect high frequency AC and pure DC earth leakage currents.

Protection for EV charging
EV B type earth leakage protection
EV charging RCCB


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