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Transform Your Smart Security and Doorbell Solutions with Our Advanced Millimeter-Wave Radar Module
Date:2024.06.09 Views:93

We are excited to introduce our latest innovation in smart technology – the Low Power Short Range Millimeter-Wave Radar Module, designed to revolutionize your smart security and doorbell solutions.

Our cutting-edge radar module utilizes a 60GHz high-frequency millimeter-wave radar chip, ensuring unparalleled detection precision and accuracy. This state-of-the-art technology is engineered for low power consumption, with an operating current below 200μA, making it ideal for applications with stringent power requirements and significantly enhancing the battery life of smart devices.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Target Presence Detection: Instantly detects target presence and wakes up smart devices, providing intelligent wake-up functionality.
  • Target Classification: Accurately distinguishes between stationary living beings, moving living beings, and other objects, ensuring precise identification.
  • Area Sensing and Division: Defines and monitors the boundaries of the area of interest, offering comprehensive area coverage.
  • Target Tracking: Tracks target movement trajectories for precise positioning, enhancing security measures.
  • Intelligent Environment Learning: Eliminates environmental interference through advanced learning and intelligent filtering mechanisms.
  • Obstruction Detection: Identifies scenarios where the radar is obstructed and alerts the user to clear the obstruction promptly, maintaining optimal performance.

This advanced radar module is perfectly suited for integration into smart security systems and doorbell products, providing enhanced functionality and user experience. By incorporating our technology, you can offer your customers superior security solutions with intelligent interaction capabilities.

We are keen to explore collaboration opportunities with innovative companies like yours in the smart security and doorbell industry. Together, we can push the boundaries of smart technology and deliver exceptional products to the market.

We would love to discuss how our Low Power Short Range Millimeter-Wave Radar Module can complement your product offerings. Please feel free to contact us for your imminent requirement.

Thank you for considering this exciting opportunity. We look forward to the possibility of working together.

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