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Fast thyristor, fast turn-on and high di/dt, lower switching losses.
Date:2021.07.06 Views:3762
Fast Switching Thyristor/SCR

Fast Switching Thyristor is a fast turn off semiconductor device,also called “Inverter Thyristor”, ”Fast Thyristor”. Fast switching thyristor is a very importment thyristor component on furnace power supply.

We supply various shapes of fast switching thyristor which is also called fast thyristor.It is a fast turn off thyristor.Our fast thyristor include standard fast switching thyristor and medium frequency fast thyristor.It’s current range from 500A to 4000A, voltage range from 1000V to 4500V. Tq value have 10-25us,30-50us and 50-70us. With excellent fast turn on-off performance,our fast thyristors are hot used on inverter circuit.For example induction heating,thyristor frequency converter,furnace power supply,inverter device etc.

Along with application of high frequency & medium frequency equipment,fast thyristors require lower tq values.We continuously optimize tq values of fast switching thyristor to meet client’s requirements.

Disc type Fast Switching Thyristors are popular used on metal smelting areas, induction heating furnace, smelting furnace, ARC furnace, Vacuum furnace, thyristor frequency converter.


Distributed gate design
Fast turn-on and high di/dt
Low switching losses

Designed for inductive heating and inverter choper applications

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