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    1 Phase LCD Energy Meter DS-11 Phase LCD Energy Meter DS-11 Phase LCD Energy Meter DS-1
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Product Details

1 Phase LCD Energy Meter DS-1

It's the smallest AMR meter in the world with multifunction. It is popular in West European as its standard installation with DIN EN 50022, small size, RS485 as well as multi-functional, which is the ideal solution for residential and commercial installations.


  • The meter can read these data during the definite time period and analysis the quality and load condition of user's grid.
  • DIN RAIL standard installation size.
  • Only 18mm wide, can up to 100A.
  • RS485 communication, Protocol: IEC1107 or Modbus-RTU Mode.
  • Multi-tariff function. The user can set time period through RS485 communication, then the meter will measure the energy of each different time period.
  • Meter has 3.6V Lithium battery, which is used to support multi-tariff function. And the precision of RTC is better than 0.5s/day.
  • Blue LCD backlight allows the meter to be read in low light conditions.
  • Display current and voltage.
  • Accurately measure forward and reverse energy.
  • Reactive energy can be measured.
  • The data can be displayed through 2 methods:
  1. Display data automatically by page and the time interval is 5s.
  2. Check data through the external button.
  • Material of Meter housing: ABS fire resistant.
  • Degree of Protection: IP51 (indoor meter).

Current: 5(100) A

Rated voltage: 230VAC

Accuracy class: 1.0

Standard: IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Impulse constant:1000imp/kWh

Display:LCD 5+1 = 99999.9kW

Power consumption:≤8VA ≤0.4Wh

Starting current:0.004lb

Temperature range:-20 ~ 65°C

Flashing red:Impulse indication, width=90ms

Average humidity value of year:75%

Maximal value:95%

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