DC SSR Relay
DC output solid state relay
A DC solid state relay (SSR) is an electronic switch used to control a DC load. It operates similarly to a mechanical relay but uses semiconductor devices like mosfet and IGBT tube of moving parts to switch the current on or off. When a small DC control voltage is applied, the SSR activates, allowing current to flow through the load.

Greegoo's DC solid state relays are user-friendly and can be custom-made, such as low voltage drop, fast switching, high frequency, high voltage, wide range of control voltage, buillt-in freewheeling diode, over-current protection, potentiometer, 4-20mA, 0-10V or 0-5V control dc relay, automotive SSR, AC converter to DC SSR, dc motor reversing SSR, multi-output dc ssr and normal close dc ssr etc. If you can't find a suitable model, please send us your application, function requirement, the continuous load current, voltage and peak of them online, and we will recommend an appropriate one for you.
DC output solid state relay
10A to 30A, 100V to 400VDC, inductive load
60A to 200A, 100V to 1200VDC, Built in Freewheeling Diode DC SSR, recommend for inductive load.
10A to 180A, 100V to 1200VDC
130V to 240VAC input, 10A to 200A, 100V to 1200VDC output ssr.
120A to 500A, 100V to 1200VDC
600A to 2000A, 100V to 1200VDC
10A to 80A, 80V to 600VDC solid state relay, DC SSR
10A to 200A, 100V to 1200VDC SSR, panel mount.
Dual nomal open output dc ssr, 30A to 200A, 100V to 1200VDC
30-200A, 100V to 1200V, 3 channel ouput dc ssr.
DC:120 - 2000A, 100 to 1200VDC DC load solid state relays.
Automotive DC SSR
30A to 200A, 60-1200VDC, 2 channel output
10A to 2000A, 100V to 1200VDC, with and without control power supply type.
Custom-made DC SSR
100A, 200A, 300A and 400A, 600VDC module design frequency inverter SSR.
Contactless and contact composite switch characteristics
DC motor reversing solid state relay
DC motor forward and reverse switching solid state relay, DC: 1 to 100A, 12-200VDC
DC motor forward and reverse switching solid state relay,10-500A,100-1200VDC.
50VDC,100VDC,200VDC,400VDC,600VDC,800VDC, 10A, 30A,50A,75A, 100A and 125A. Motor reversing SSR for DC motor.
4-20mA 0-5V 0-10V potentiometer control dc solid state relay
DC 10 to 2000A, 24 to 1200VDC DC Solid State Regulators, external voltage signal 0-10Vdc or 10K potentiometer.
10-180A 100-1200 VDC PWM type DC SSR regulator
Plug in and PCB DC switching solid state relay
1A, 2A, 3A, 5A and 8A DC SSR, 100VDC, 200VDC and 400VDC.
4-400VDC, 1 to 12A, Ac to Dc control DC load PLUG-IN Solid State Relays
Normally Close (NC) DC Solid State Relays
30-200A 100-1200 VDC 1NO+1NC

Features of DC Solid State Relays (SSRs):

  • No Mechanical Parts: They use semiconductor devices, resulting in less wear and tear and a longer lifespan compared to mechanical relays.
  • Fast Switching: SSRs can switch on and off much faster than mechanical relays, which is crucial for applications that require rapid switching.
  • Electrical Isolation: The input and output are electrically isolated, typically through an optocoupler, which enhances safety and prevents noise from affecting the control side.
  • Silent Operation: Without moving parts, SSRs operate silently, unlike the audible click of mechanical relays.
  • Consistent Performance: SSRs provide more consistent performance over time, without the contact degradation that affects mechanical relays.
  • Compact Size: Often smaller than equivalent mechanical relays, making them suitable for designs where space is at a premium.

These features make DC SSRs suitable for a variety of applications where reliable and rapid switching of DC currents is required, particularly in environments where maintenance access is difficult or where mechanical relay noise is undesirable.


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