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    Dual solid state relaysDual solid state relaysDual solid state relaysDual solid state relays
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Dual solid state relays

Dual output solid state relays

GM series Solid State Relays are Dual AC relays,Triac or SCR Output. The Triac version of the zero switching relay is an inexpensive solution for resistive loads. The zero switching relay switches on when the AC sine voltage just crosses zero,and switches off when the current crosses zero. The SCR Output is Dual SCR Power Hybrid technology provides highly efficient thermal management for greatly increased cyclic life.

- Rated operational current 10+10 to 40+40 Amps.
- Rated operational voltage 240V
- Input Voltage Range 4 to 16 Vdc.
- 2500 Vrms Optical Isolation.(input/output)

- Both “Zero Voltage” & phase controllable “Random Switching” versions.

Voltage Control voltage Rated operational current
10Amp 15Amp 25Amp 40Amp
240 VAC “Z” 4~16 Vdc GM1024ZD1 GM1524ZD1 GM2524ZD1 GM4024ZD1
240 VAC “R” 4~16 Vdc GM1024RD1 GM1524RD1 GM2524RD1 GM4024RD1
440 VAC “Z” 4~16 Vdc GM1044ZD1 GM1544ZD1 GM2544ZD1 GM4044ZD1
440 VAC “R”
4-16 Vdc GM1044RD1 GM1544RD1 GM2544RD1 GM4044RD1

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