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Compact medium voltage vacuum contactor, 12kV 400A.
Date:2024.03.18 Views:229

The main circuit utilizes vacuum interrupter from well-known domestic manufacturers, which are mature in technology, reliable in quality, and have a good market reputation. The base of the main circuit adopts an integrated molded frame structure, which has good rigidity and insulation strength, and is resistant to deformation and contamination. The 630A current rating adopts a double moving end connection design, which achieves low resistance and low temperature rise, thereby enhancing the overall reliability of the system. The appearance of the conductive busbar is aesthetically pleasing and durable, with stable connections that are user-friendly.

In terms of the electromagnetic system, there is a choice between permanent magnet and traditional electromagnetic mechanisms, equipped with fast-acting, high-capacity sealed auxiliary switches that significantly enhance the reliability and operational safety of the auxiliary switches. The operating structure has been optimized with a self-centering main shaft bearing and a secondary guiding mechanism at the moving end, ensuring precise operation and improving the performance and reliability of the equipment.

Control and Auxiliary Circuits

  • Control power supply voltage Us: ac./dc. 110V, 220V, 380V, or customized according to user requirements.
  • Control power consumption: Electrical self-holding: starting <2000W, holding <100W. Mechanical self-holding: closing <2000W, opening <1000W.
  • Auxiliary contacts: Up to nine sets of normally open and normally closed contact combinations, five sets for mechanical holding.
  • Auxiliary contact capacity: AC380V 6A; AC220V 10A.
  • Power frequency withstand voltage: 2kV (excluding components).

Operating Characteristics

  • Closing and opening time ≤120ms.
  • Three-phase synchronism ≤2ms.
  • Minimum pick-up voltage ≤85%Us, maximum release voltage = 10%~75%Us.


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