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RCBO - electronic and magnetic type, type A and AC, maximum up to 40A
Date:2022.10.18 Views:756


Residual current operated circuit breakers with integral overcurrent protection (RCBO) of 6RCB series provide full protection to both installation and persons, as they are able to automatically switch off the power supply in case of overload, short-circuit and earth leakage. RCBO perform the same functions as both MCB and RCCB combined in a single product. Their use is suggestable whenever it is necessary to reduce at most the available space, guaranteeing the operator’s safety and the protection of the installation and the connected equipment.

6RCB series offers a complete range of RCBO. According to the wave form of the leakage current they are sensitive to, the RCBO can be classified as follows:

• AC type: suitable for all electric installations which may include devices featuring a possibly sinusoidal alternate faults current.
• A type: suitable where the connectable electric devices have electronic rectifiers or electronic circuits regulating the current wave form because it operates in presence of fault current either of alternate or pulsating type.

Depending on their intervention sensitivity, the RCBO can be classified as follows:
• Low Sensitivity (I∆n = 0,1A - 0,3A - 0,5A): not suitable to protect from direct contacts; they are instead suitable for the indirect contacts, providing a proper coordination with the earth-circuit is made.

• High Sensitivity (I∆n = 0,03A): suitable to protect from both direct and indirect contacts.


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