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    Welding DiodesWelding DiodesWelding DiodesWelding DiodesWelding DiodesWelding DiodesWelding Diodes
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Model of Welding Diodes
Description of Welding Diode
Application of Welding Diodes
Idea replace of Eupec, ABB and Semikron Welding Diode model list
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Circuit diagram of welding diode in welding system
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Welding Diodes

Welding diode is a high current low voltage semiconductor device used on medium frequency spot welding machine, MFDC spot welder, seam welder. It's current range are from 7100A to 13500A, voltage range is 200V or 400V.


  • Designed for medium frequency welding equipment, spot welding device
  • High reliability in welding machine
  • Very low on-state voltage
  • Very low thermal resistance
  • Up to 2000HZ
Model of Welding Diodes

Voltage up to 400V

A V @TVJIM&10ms A2s @IF&TJ=25℃ ℃/W KN Kg
A V  /   A
ZW7100-** 7100 85 200~400 55000 1.5×107 1.05 5000 170 0.010 24 0.140
ZW10500-** 10500 85 200~400 70000 2.4×107 1.05 5000 180 0.005 32 0.460
ZW12000-** 11200 85 200~400 85000 3.6×107 1.05 5000 170 0.006 35 0.205
ZW13500-** 13500 85 200~400 85000 3.6×107 1.05 5000 180 0.004 35 0.140
ZW16000-** 16000 85 200~400 120000 7.2×107 1.05 5000 170 0.004 37 0.570
ZW18000-** 18000 85 200~400 135000 9.1×107 1.05 5000 170 0.004 40 0.580

Description of Welding Diode

Greegoo launched a new generation of welding diode. The new housingless welding diode is designed for medium frequency resistance welding and high current rectifier applications. The devices meet the market requirements for higher forward current, low conduction losses and higher power cycling capability. With this new design, the diodes focus on the best-in-class performance to lifetime ratio supporting a decrease of maintenance cycles. The main applications for the new diode generation are spot-welding in the automotive industry, low voltage electrolysis and surge protection.

The new welding diode generation offers the highest power cycling capability in the market. Compared to conventional devices the lower on-state voltage of the power diodes allows 10 to 15 percent higher currents. With this, the customer has the choice between a longer lifetime and an increased current for his application. With all the new features, the new power diode generation is ideal for extending the performance of existing designs with full mechanical compatibility.

Application of Welding Diodes


For all kinds of intermediate frequency, power frequency resistance welding machine. Such as automobile welding clamp, seam welding machine, mesh welding machine and so on. Used by various industries, including resistance welding machine manufacturers, welding robotic service providers, and automobile manufacturers.

Resitance Welding

Mesh Welding Automobile welding clamp
Seedorff-Seam Welding

Welding diodes are known as Welder Diodes or Welder Rectifier Diodes. Welding diodes are the core rectifier components during resistance welder. The welding diodes are specifically designed for demanding applications in resistance welding, offering high current capabilities, low voltage characteristics, and reliability.

Idea replace of Eupec, ABB and Semikron Welding Diode model list

25DN06, 38DN06, 46DN06, 56DN06, 65DN06, 5SDD71B0200, 5SDD0120C0200, 5SDD71X0200, 5SDD71X0400, 5SDD0120C0400, 5SDD92Z0400, 5SDD0135Z0400, SKN4000, SKN6000

5SDD 71B0200 ZW7100-200
5SDD 7102B0001 ZW7100-200
5SDD 71X0200 ZW7100-200
5SDD 71X0400 ZW7100-400
5SDD 92Z0400 ZW9200-400
5SDD 0120C0200 ZW12000-200
5SDD 0120C0400 ZW12000-400
5SDD 0135Z0200 ZW13500-200
5SDD 0135Z0400 ZW13500-400

Circuit diagram of welding diode in welding system
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