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    2 phase half wave rectifier solid state relay GZ232 phase half wave rectifier solid state relay GZ232 phase half wave rectifier solid state relay GZ23
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Product Details

2 phase half wave rectifier solid state relay GZ23

  • Optical and magnetic isolation between input and output circuits ensures safe signal transmission.
  • The control signal is compatible with TTL logic interface, facilitating connection with various digital devices.
  • A light-emitting diode (LED) is used to indicate the operational status, providing a clear display of the device's functioning.
  • Utilizes solid-state, contactless switch output, eliminating sparks and arcing during switching, enhancing safety in use.
  • Encapsulated in epoxy resin, offering excellent shock and corrosion resistance, ensuring stable and reliable switch operation.
  • This product is primarily used in control devices for inductive loads, such as electromagnetic vibrators, solenoid valves, generators, motors, etc., widely applicable in the field of automation control.

Model GZ23 (Half-Wave Rectification)
Input Power Voltage 240 VAC / 440 VAC
Output Rectified Voltage Input Power Voltage × 0.45 VDC
Maximum Load Current 30~300 A
Control Voltage 4~32 VDC
Control Current ≤25 mA
Isolation Voltage ≥2500 V
Insulation Voltage ≥2500 V
Insulation Resistance ≥100 MΩ
Power Frequency 50~60 HZ
Operating Temperature -25~75℃
Cooling Conditions ≥30A requires a heat sink, ≥100A requires additional fan cooling
Load Current Safety Factor Resistive load: 2-4 times, Inductive load: 4-6 times
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