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Low voltage drop DC SSR, charging and discharging DC SSR launched.
Date:2023.09.02 Views:611
  • Uses low-voltage drop solid-state devices, low power consumption, no need for heat dissipation with a heat sink.
  • On-state voltage drop: ≤0.01~0.5V
  • Mainly used for low-voltage, high-power DC electrical equipment that operates without the need for additional heat sinks, such as LED power switches, battery charging and discharging switches, low-voltage electric heaters switches, etc.

  • Individual solid-state switches can be used for charging and discharging batteries and capacitors.
  • The GZ10SL model has automatic protection functions for overcurrent and short circuits.
  • This product is used for DC charging and discharging switches in electric vehicles or battery power supplies.


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