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Infrared Temperature Sensor

An infrared temperature sensor is capable of measuring the surface temperature of an object without making physical contact by calculating the intensity of infrared radiation emitted by the object. Non-contact temperature measurement is the greatest advantage of infrared thermometers, allowing users to conveniently measure objects that are difficult to approach or move. This temperature sensor is an integrated infrared temperature sensor that is easy to install.

DC power supply: 10V~24VDC

Maximum power consumption: 1.2W

Accuracy: ±1% or ±1.5℃ of the measured value, whichever is greater

Measurement temperature range: 0-1000°C (default: 0-600℃)

Spectral range: 8 ~ 14 µm

Optical resolution: 20:1

Response time: 150 ms (95%)

Dimensions: 113mm × φ18mm (length * diameter)
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