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    4RCBE single modular rcbo4RCBE single modular rcbo4RCBE single modular rcbo4RCBE single modular rcbo4RCBE single modular rcbo4RCBE single modular rcbo4RCBE single modular rcbo4RCBE single modular rcbo4RCBE single modular rcbo
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Product Details

4RCBE single modular rcbo

Greegoo’s new DIN mounted, 30mA combination RCD/MCBs are available as single pole devices to save valuable switchboard space.Just 18mm wide and available in 6 current ratings, these combination devices have a short circuit interrupting capacity of 3kA, rated at 240V, 30/10mA, with a thermal/overload protection C - Curve.

- Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
- Ideal for retrofit installations where pole space is a problem.
- Small width allows a greater number of RCD/MCBs to be installed in the one enclosure.
- 1 Module width is ideal for new installations where space is limited.
- Combination Head Screws for quick and easy termination.
- Lift-up terminals for safer ‘no hot spot’ termination. All wires are locked in.

Model Number   4RCBE
Pole No. Pole 1P
Standard Conformity   IEC 61009-1
Tripping Characteristic   B/C
Rated Current (In) A 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32
Sensitivity (I △ n) mA 30, 100
Residual Tripping Current Range   0.5I △ n~1I △ n
Rated Voltage (Un) Vac 230/240
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) V 660
Rated Frequency Hz 50/60
Type   AC/A
Tripping Time S ≤0.1
Shortcircuit Withstand Capacity kA 3
Ambient Temperature oC -25 to +40
Electrical Mechanical Operation cycles 4000
Mounting   Din Rail (35 * 7.5) mm
Degree of Protection   IP 20
Terminal Capacity (max) mm2 10~16
Connection Terminals   Screw Terminals 2.0Nm
Certificate   CE

Model Selection

Rated Current (A) 30mA 100mA
6A 4RCBE20630C 4RCBE20630B 4RCBE206100C 4RCBE206100B
10A 4RCBE21030C 4RCBE21030B 4RCBE210100C 4RCBE210100B
16A 4RCBE21630C 4RCBE21630B 4RCBE216100C 4RCBE216100B
20A 4RCBE22030C 4RCBE22030B 4RCBE220100C 4RCBE220100B
25A 4RCBE22530C 4RCBE22530B 4RCBE225100C 4RCBE225100B
32A 4RCBE23230C 4RCBE23230B 4RCBE232100C 4RCBE232100B

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