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    10-40A 3 phase SSR10-40A 3 phase SSR10-40A 3 phase SSR10-40A 3 phase SSR10-40A 3 phase SSR10-40A 3 phase SSR10-40A 3 phase SSR10-40A 3 phase SSR10-40A 3 phase SSR10-40A 3 phase SSR
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10-40A 3 phase SSR

3 phase solid state relays (Triacs output 10A to 40A) 

GT series three phase Solid State Relays is used three phase loads. triacs output. GT series is Dual triacs Power Hybrid technology provides highly efficient thermal management for greatly increased cyclic life. 

- Rated operational current 3X10, 3X15, 3X25, 3X40A.
- Both “Zero crossing” & “Random Switching” versions.
- Input Voltage Range 4 to 16 Vdc, 4 to 32 Vdc, 90 to 250Vac.
- 2500 Vrms Optical Isolation.(input/output)

- LED-indication for control input.

Symbo Meaning


G - Greegoo

T - Three phase

1 - 10-10A, 15-15A, 25-25A, 40-40A

2 - 48-480V

3 - Z-zero control, R-random control

4 - D1-4-16Vdc, D3-4-32Vdc A2-90-250Vac

For example: GT4048ZD3, 3 phase, 40A, 480Vac, 3-32Vdc control

Voltage Control Voltage Operational current
10A 15A 25A 40A
480 VAC "Zero crossing switching" 4~16 Vdc GT1048ZD1 GT1548ZD1 GT2548ZD1 GT4048ZD1
4~32 Vdc GT1048ZD3 GT1548ZD3 GT2548ZD3 GT4048ZD3
90~250Vac GT1048ZA2 GT1548ZA2 GT2548ZA2 GT4048ZA2
480 VAC Random control 4~16 Vdc GT1048RD1 GT1548RD1 GT2548RD1 GT4048RD1
4~32 Vdc GT1048RD3 GT1548RD3 GT2548RD3 GT4048RD3
90~250Vac GT1048RA2 GT1548RA2 GT2548RA2 GT4048RA2

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As premier 3 phase solid state relay manufacturer in China, GREEGOO takes pride in our state-of-the-art factory. Explore our range of high-quality 3 phase solid state relay at competitive prices. Experience excellence with GREEGOO – your trusted partner for superior 3 phase solid state relay solution. 3 phase solid state relay 25A | 3 phase solid state relay 40A | 3 phase solid state relay 10A | 3 phase ssr relay 40A | 3 phase ssr relay 25A | 3 phase ssr relay 10A | 60A/100A 3 phase solid state relay | 3 phase solid state relay 200A | Solid state contactor | 3 phase ssr relay 500A


Q1: What type of 3 phase solid state relay can you supply?

A1: Greegoo can offer triacs output 10A, 25A and 40A and SCR output 3 phase solid state relay at 40A, 60A, 80A, 100A, 120A, 150A, 200A, 300A, 400A and 500A integrated, 500A to 1800A can be assembled with heatsink and axial fan.

Q2: How about the control voltage of solid state relay you can offer?

A2: About the control voltage, we have 4-32VDC, 80-265VAC, 20-265VAC, 18-36V AC/DC.

Q3: Do you have analog control SSR relay?

A3: Yes, we have, it's our control solid state relay, the control signal can be 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA or potentiometer or 3 in one type of control relay.

Q4: How many installation type of your SSR?

A4: We have panel mount, plug-in type, PCB type, DIN rail mount and Fast-on terminals connection type.

Q5: Exception of normal open solid state relay, can you produce normal close one?

A5: Yes, we can, please direct your enquiry to us for more information.

Q6: About DC solid state relay, how many types can you offer?

A6: We have panel mount 10A to 200A, modular type 120A to 2000A under 60VDC, 100VDC, 200VDC, 400VDC, 600VDC and 1200VDC. DC switching solid state relay, DC solid state regulator, Dc motor reversing Solid state relay and DC automotive relay.

Q7: About single phase solid state relay, there are so many types, how to choose?

A7: Our SSR relays are ideal replacement of Crydom, Fotek, Omron, Celduc, Carlo Gavazzi, Schneider and Crouzet etc.

Q9: How many channels output solid state relay do you have?

A9: We have 1 channel, 2 channel, 3 channel, 4 channel, 5 channel, and 8 channel at integrated version and 12 channel output at assembly condition.

Q10: What is the advantage of Greegoo's Solid state relay?

A10: Greegoo is enjoying a brisk demand in the overseas market for high quality. We are using triacs for 10A, 25A and 40A, 40A and more are using SCR output, T3 copper base, ON brand optocoupler, integrated PCB design and new but perfect electronic components to guarantee the quality of Greegoo's Solid state relays.

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