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    Solid state contactorsSolid state contactorsSolid state contactorsSolid state contactors
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Solid state contactors

Solid State Contactor (SSR contactor) is the developed SSR application unit that is created by following the AC contactor using mode. It is based on power SSR and equipped with radiator, protection housing, mounting clip, etc. It is a control integration unit with comprehensive functions which make it best substitute for AC contactor.

1. No contacts, long life, best replacement of ac contactors.

2. GTC Series products are designed for 3-phase loads.
3. Rated current: 10-1200A.
4. Rated voltage: 280V, 480V, 530V.
5. Switch mode can be either random-on or reach-zero-on.
6. Insulating voltage≥2500V.
7. International standard mounting clip, quick and stable.
8. Double SCR inverse parallel outputs.
9. Controlling voltage: DC 4-16 or 4-32V, AC 90-250V.

10. LED input display.

Due to the SSC is composed of SSR, radiator/heatsink, defense covering, fixing pinch etc., we can design and make varies of SSC by the needs of the customers. Including the high-power wind-cool and water-cool type. 
While ordering, please offer the using condition, including the type of load ,power, current, voltage, control-voltage, space of equipment ,surrounding condition etc., For example, GTC20048ZD3. 

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