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Product Details
Product Details

Temperature and Humidity Display Panel

Temperature Control Instrument - Temperature and Humidity Display Panel

The temperature and humidity display panel circuit of this instrument adopts an industrial-grade microprocessor chip imported from the United States and high-precision sensors, ensuring excellent reliability, high accuracy, and interchangeability of the product. It features an aluminum alloy frame and a high-quality acrylic panel, which provides an attractive and elegant appearance. The output signal type is RS485, with a communication distance of up to 2000 meters. It uses the standard Modbus protocol and supports secondary development.

  • It utilizes Swiss-imported sensors for high measurement accuracy and stable performance.
  • Equipped with large-sized high-brightness digital tubes for clear display even under strong lighting.
  • The frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, providing waterproof and dust-proof properties, as well as strong durability.
  • The product offers three options for analog signal output: 4-20mA, 0-10V, and 0-5V, or it can be connected through the 485 communication interface. It uses the standard Modbus-RTU communication protocol, allowing the setting of communication addresses and baud rates, with a maximum communication distance of 2000 meters.

DC power supply (default): DC 10-30V
Maximum power consumption: 0.64W

Accuracy Option A:
Humidity: ±2%RH (5%RH-95%RH, 25℃)
Temperature: ±0.4℃ (25℃)

Accuracy Option B (default):
Humidity: ±3%RH (5%RH-95%RH, 25℃)

Temperature: ±0.5℃ (25℃)

Transmitter circuit operating temperature: -40℃ to +60℃, 0%RH to 80%RH
Probe operating temperature: -40℃ to +120℃ (default: -40℃ to +80℃)
Probe operating humidity: 0%RH to 100%RH
Temperature display resolution: 0.1℃
Humidity display resolution: 0.1%RH
Temperature and humidity refresh time: 1s

Long-term stability:

Humidity: 1%RH per year
Temperature: ≤0.1℃ per year

Response time:

Temperature: 15s (at 1m/s air velocity)
Humidity: <4s (at 1m/s air velocity)

Output signal 1: 4-20mA/0-10V/0-5V (three options for analog signal output)

Output signal 2: RS485 (Modbus protocol)
Relay load capacity: 30VDC 2A/250VAC 2A
Installation method: Wall-mount or suspension
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