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Product Details

SLC-2A1B24N Safety Relay

Applicable to: Safety light curtains

■ Features

SLC-2A1B24N Safety Relay is widely used in industrial safety systems and can be used in conjunction with safety light curtain sensors to enhance the reliability of equipment safety systems and create a safer protection system.

■ Characteristic Description

  • The safety relay operates with a DC24V power supply.
  • It has two sets of normally open safety contacts in series output and one set of normally closed auxiliary contacts in parallel output.
  • It operates in dual-channel mode with NPN dual-channel input, and can be switched between manual reset and automatic reset.
  • It has power indicator lights and status indicator lights for Channel 1 and Channel 2.
  • The number of safety contacts can be increased through expansion modules.

■ Safety Features

  • Compliant with standards EN60947-5-1, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3, EN60204-1, ENISO13849-1.
  • Safety level is rated as level 4.
  • The circuit includes a self-monitoring redundant circuit.
  • Even if one component is damaged, the safety function remains effective.
  • The safety function of the relay can be automatically detected through proper opening and closing during each switching cycle.

■ Operation Modes
· Input Circuit: Dual-channel NPN input, signals connected to S1 and S2.
· Reset Circuit: Provides feedback control loop for monitoring external contactor/relays.
Automatic reset by shorting S33 and S34.
Manual reset by connecting reset button to S33 and S34.

■ Performance Parameters

Power Supply
Supply Voltage: DC24V
Voltage Tolerance: 85-110%
Power Consumption: 3W

Input Voltage: DC24V
Input Current: Maximum 100mA
Input Method: NPN dual-channel input
Maximum Cable Resistance in Input Circuit: 100Ω

Output Method: Relay passive contact output
Output Contacts: 2 normally open, 1 normally closed
Contact Fuse Protection: 4A T or 6A T
Maximum Switching Capacity (AC): AC-15, 2A/250V
Maximum Switching Capacity (DC): DC-13, 3A/24V
Contact Material: Silver alloy, gold-plated
Contact Life: ≥10 million cycles

Response Time: ≤20ms
Automatic Reset Time: ≤35ms
Manual Reset Time: ≤30ms
Release Buffer Time: ≤10ms
Maximum Power Interruption before Power Failure: ≤1s

Mechanical Data
Housing Material: ABS engineering plastic
Mounting: 35mm DIN rail
Maximum Wire Size: 0.2-2.5mm²
Terminal Torque Setting: 0.5Nm
Wiring Method: Terminal block connection

Vibration Resistance: 10-55Hz, 1.5mm
Operating Temperature: -25 to +70°C (non-freezing)
Relative Humidity: 35-95%RH
Protection Level: IP50

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