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    Single phase AC switching SSR with Status OutputSingle phase AC switching SSR with Status OutputSingle phase AC switching SSR with Status OutputSingle phase AC switching SSR with Status OutputSingle phase AC switching SSR with Status Output
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Single phase 220V wiring
380V wiring
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Product Details

Single phase AC switching SSR with Status Output

Solid State Relay (SSR) is an active component composed entirely of electronic circuits. It relies on the electromagnetic and optical characteristics of semiconductors and electronic components to accomplish isolation and relay switching functions. There is photoelectric isolation between the input and output ends, which is compatible with logic circuits such as TTL, DTL, HTL, etc. It aims to drive a large circuit load directly with a minimal control signal. 

❏ The Solid State Relay operates reliably with no contacts, no sparks, a long lifespan, no noise, no electromagnetic interference, fast switching speed, strong anti-interference ability, and it is compact in size, resistant to vibration and shock, explosion-proof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant. 

❏ The models GM40SR22/GM40SR38 are single-phase AC Solid State Relays suitable for a maximum load current of 40A and a rated load voltage of 220V/380V. They are zero-crossing trigger SSRs with a built-in RC snubber circuit and have diagnostic functions for the load, the main circuit, and the SSR output. 

❏ They are widely used in industrial automation control systems such as electric furnace heating systems, CNC machinery, remote control machinery, solenoid valves, fire safety systems, etc. 

❏ The control voltage input is 12-24VDC with a green LED indicator for the control state. 

❏ The isolated output state is normally closed during operation, indicated by a yellow LED. 

❏ It has functions for overheating detection, load open circuit detection, and relay short-circuit detection. 

❏ There is a set of detachable input connectors using spring-clamp terminals. The Solid State Relay is integrated with the heat sink. 

❏ The exterior of the case has a black transparent protective cover to prevent accidental contact with live terminals.

Part Number GM40SR22/GM40SR38
Operating Voltage 220V/380VAC
Power Grid Frequency 50HZ/60Hz
Minimum Load Current 100mA
Off-State Leakage Current <10mA
Off-State Voltage Rise Rate 500V/μS
On-State Current Critical Rise Rate 100A/μS
Control Voltage 12-24 V
Control Current 8-20mA
Power Supply Voltage <50 V
Output Current <1.0 A
On-State Impedance <2Ω
Dielectric Strength ≥2000VAC
Operating Ambient Temperature -25℃~45℃
Single phase 220V wiring
220V wiring
380V wiring
380v wiring of ssr
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