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Product Details

SBW-F three phase split-adjustable full automatic compensated power voltage regulator

1. Product Features:

SBW –F series three phase split-adjustable full automatic compensated power voltage regulator, this products is three sets of single phase voltage stabilizer composed, and base on SBW series products improvement of voltage stabilizer, applicant to when input three phase voltage unbalance or power network fluctuation and unbalance load current fluctuation, it can keep output three phase voltage in steady state automatically balance, also can keep stable voltage adjustment, output-keep high precision ect virtue, therefore, it has more power and more reliability.

2. Application Scope:

It’s widely used in post and telecommunications, department stores, elevators, hospitals, schools, printing, securities and other occasions where all needs normal voltage to ensure, such as workshop, mines, medium enterprises, some of the important equipment and computer power and support.

3. Technical Parameters:


SBW-F-30KVA, SBW-F-2000KVA, SBW-F-500KVA etc.

Rated power

30KVA, 40KVA, 50KVA, 60KVA, 80KVA, 100KVA, 120KVA,150KVA, 200KVA, 250KVA, 300KVA, 350KVA, 400KVA, 500KVA, 600KVA, 800KVA, 1000KVA, 1200KVA, 1600KVA, 2000KVA.

Phase No.

3Phase(three phase, four line system)

Split-phase regulating for each phase, namely 3Phase controlled system independently!

Input voltage range


(Phase voltage: AC220V, Line voltage: AC380V)

Remarks: 1). If need: ±25%, 30% or 40% input range, please specify when ordering;

2). If need: AC220V, 230V, 400V, or 415V input, please specify when ordering.

Output voltage


(Phase voltage: AC220V, Line voltage: AC380V)

Remarks: If need: AC220V, 230V, 400V, or 415V output, please specify when ordering.

Accuracy of voltage





≥95%(Power rate is over 50KVA)

Response time

≤1.5S(outside voltage varies 10%)

Ambient temperature


Insulation resistance



Double rated current, for one min.

Waveform distortion

No additional waveform distortion


Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-loading, short-circuit, bypass, delay time, machine fault, phase failure,(Phase-sequence and surge optional, please specify it when ordering!) etc. protection functions.

Gross weight:


Product size:

please consult to us

Packing volume:

please consult to us


1). Products specifications are subject to change without notice.

2). Custom-made specifications are acceptable

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