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Main Switch LW31B-16 OFF-ON 3P Panel Mount

ROTARY CAM SWITCH LW31B-16 OFF-ON 3P Panel Mount can be used for illumination equipments, heating equipments and motors. Their high ON-OFF ability can ensure the work reliability at frequently making and breaking.

Description LW31B-16
Rated thermal current Ith A 16
Rated working voltage Ue V 380-440 220-240
Rated working current Ie
AC-21A A 16
AC-22A A 16
AC-15 A 3 4
DC-13 A 0.8
AC-23A kW 5.5 3
AC-2 kW 5.5 3
AC-3 kW 4 2.2
AC-4 kW 1 0.5

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