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JLSGWV6/JLSGWV10 Metering Box

This product is an outdoor structure composed of two parts: combined transformer and meter box. The product is five column type. The voltage transformer adopts V / V connection method and is connected in parallel between AB and CB to form a three phase measuring device. The current transformer is installed on the stainless steel box. The combined transformer is composed of two current transformers (CT) and two single phase voltage transformers (PT). CT and PT are electromagnetic, arranged up and down. PT voltage is connected to P1 terminal of A and C current at one time. B phase voltage is connected by V / V wiring in parallel to B phase. The shape of which adopts large and small umbrella skirt, with large surface creepage distance, strong anti overvoltage and anti pollution ability. The box is made of stainless steel, and the secondary outlet is armored cable structure, which is easy to install and has strong anti stealing ability. The meter box is separated from the box of the combined transformer, and is connected by an outdoor cable about 8 meters long and the secondary outgoing line of the transformer. A three phase active meter and a reactive meter are installed in the meter box, and the numbers can be read clearly from the observation window of the meter box.

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