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    Hot Runner Temperature Control CardHot Runner Temperature Control Card
Product Details
Product Details

Hot Runner Temperature Control Card

A temperature control box, also known as a hot runner temperature controller, Model # MD-68 and MD-63B, is a device that maintains the required temperature in a hot runner system continuously. It consists of a temperature control card, air switch, enclosure, fan, terminal block, and cables. The temperature control box detects the temperature of the hot runner system using the installed temperature control card and adjusts the output power to maintain a stable target temperature. The temperature control box is controlled by a microprocessor, offering a temperature control accuracy of up to 0.5℃. It features a dual-row LED digital display and provides various fault status alarms to promptly identify and resolve issues.

  • The design of the temperature control box is sleek and elegant, ensuring precise temperature control.
  • Customization of the enclosure is available based on customer wiring requirements.
  • Features a 380V anti-zero-crossing and phase reversal function.
  • The overall structure is made of aluminum profiles, providing excellent heat dissipation.
  • Includes an alarm function for detecting reversed temperature sensor inputs and heating outputs.
  • The silicone rubber buttons have a long lifespan of up to 100,000 presses. The temperature control box is easy to maintain and can be used immediately after plugging in.

Operating temperature: 0~40℃
Humidity: 0% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Input power: 3-phase + neutral + ground, 380V
Frequency range: 50~60Hz ±5%
Control stability: ±1 degree
Adjustment method: PID fuzzy control
Thermocouple input: J or K type selectable; sensor disconnection detection; reverse detection; sensor misconnection to heating; power output alarm
Heater output: Rated voltage of 220V for all zones; standard current of 16A; power output of 3500W; short circuit protection
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