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Product Details

GDR08 DC solid state relays 120-2000A @ 1200Vdc

Electromagnetic coupling isolation between input and output circuits.

Control signal interface with PLC, TTL logic.

Light-emitting diode indicates operating status.

Built-in input undervoltage protection, output transient overvoltage absorption protection.

Solid non-contact output, fast switching speed, no spark and no arcing on and off.

Epoxy resin encapsulation, anti-corrosion, fire and shock resistance, stable and reliable switch work.

The product is mainly used in the new energy vehicles of high-power DC appliances non-contact switch. Such as PTC DC heater, battery charging and discharging, DC motor, solenoid valve and other switching switches.


Model Number

GDR08 (500A/1000VDC, 400A/600VDC, 1000A/1200VDC, 1200A/200VDC, 2000A/200VDC etc.)

Dc to dc solid state relays


Control power

12~15 VDC

18 to 36 VDC

Control current

30~80 mA

25 to 70 mA

Undervoltage protection

<10VDC self-locking

<16VDC self-locking

On-off time

≤1mS (120A-200A); ≤5mS (300A-2000A)

Working Instruction



Maximum output voltage





Max. load current

120, 150, 180, 200, 300 ...... 2000 A

On-state voltage drop

≤1.0 ~ 4.0 V






Overvoltage protection

Transient protection voltage are: 80V, 180V, 470V, 1000V

Switching Characteristics

MOS or IGBT-solid-state non-contact switching characteristics


Isolation voltage

≥ 1800~2500 V

Insulation voltage

≥ 2000~2500 V

Operating Temperature


Insulation resistance

≥ 100 MΩ

Heat dissipation conditions

Equipped with heat sink and fan for strong cooling

Safety factor of load current

2.5-4 times for resistive load, 3-6 times for inductive load


95×39×48; 120×52×40; 135×69×50

Selection Guide:

A margin should be left when selecting the voltage and current of the product. For resistive load: the current is selected according to 2.5~4 times the load current, and the voltage is selected according to 2~2.5 times the load power. Inductive load: current is selected according to 3-7 times load current, voltage is selected according to 2.5-3 times load voltage.

According to the relationship between load current and ambient temperature, when the ambient temperature is high or heat dissipation conditions are not good, the current capacity of the solid state relay should be increased accordingly.

In order to prevent the product from short-circuiting during use, it is necessary to connect a fast circuit breaker or a fast fuse in series with the product in the load circuit.

For inductive loads, a freewheeling diode must be connected to both ends of the load, and a varistor must be connected to the output end (the varistor (MOV) is selected according to 1~1.5 times of the power supply voltage) to prevent the high voltage generated during switching from damaging the solid-state switch.

When the product is installed, it is required that the contact surface between the heatsink and the product must be flat and clean, and a layer of thermally conductive silicone grease is applied to its surface, and then finally the screws set with flat washers andSpring washersare tightened symmetrically to fix.

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