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    G3DA4860 solid state relays ssrG3DA4860 solid state relays ssrG3DA4860 solid state relays ssr
Product Details
Product Details

G3DA4860 solid state relays ssrPDF

AC SSR (60A) of all-in-one radiator

- Zero-cross type.
- Guide rail installing.
- Rated current 60A.
- Enhanced type.
- RC absorption protection.
- Double LED indicate input & output condition.

- Authentication symbol.

Model G3DA4860
Output  SCR
Operating Voltage Range (Max. Vrms) 48-600Vac
Peak voltage(V peak) 1000Vac
Rated operating current (A) 60
Off state maximum leakage (mA) (T=25 Vmax) 3
Turn-on voltage (V) max, T=25 1.2
Static state (off-state) dv/dt(V/us) 500
Frequency range (Hz) 47/63
Input voltage(V) 3.5-24VDC
Input parameter 14-18 (automatic limit current)
Operate time 10ms (0.5cycle) Max
Response time (opened) 10ms (0.5cycle) Max
Operating temperature(℃) -40℃-80℃
Isolation bet in & out(Vrms) ≥2000V
Isolation to case(Viso)(Vrms) ≥2000V

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