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EVS-80 Vacuum Contactors 80A 1200V

Type EVS80/1.2KV
Nominal operational voltage 1200V / 50-60Hz
Nominal insulation voltage 1200V / 50-60Hz
Testing voltage 50 Hz/60 sec. between poles and in breaking path 4.2Kv
Nominal operational and thermal current 80А
Nominal switching capacities making current 2360A
Nominal switching capacities breaking current 1340A
Nominal short-time current (1 sec.) 1340A
Nominal dynamic current 2360A
Utilisation category АС1, АС2, АС3, АС4
Permissible switching frequency 1200 operations / hour
Mechanical life 1·106
Electrical life: AC3 3·105
AC4 1·105
Closing time ≤ 30ms
Breaking time ≤ 80ms
Vacuum interrupters 3 pcs.
Contact operating travel 1.5±0.2MM
Weight/Volume 1.8kgS
Dimensions see dimension drawing
Auxiliary circuits:
Rated control supply voltage 230V, 120V, 50-60Hz; +15%,-25%
Rated hold-in consuption 9VA
Auxiliary contacts (AC 15: 230V/6A) 2NO 1NC


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