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Product Details

DC motor reversing solid state relays 1A-100A 12V-200VDC

  • Optoelectronic isolation between input, output and control signal circuit.
  • Red and green light-emitting diodes indicate the forward and reverse rotation status respectively.
  • Changing the control power terminal makes it easy to switch the output load voltage polarity.
  • Internal interlock control function is provided for safe and reliable switching.
  • The product is mainly used for frequent switching of single-phase DC motor forward and reverse rotation, switching of semiconductor refrigeration and heating, and other DC load power polarity conversion.



Input power supply





Output Current


Control Signal

12-48 VDC

Control current

8 to 15 mA

Switching time

≤ 10 Ms

On-state voltage

≤2 to 6 V

On-state current

10, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 A

Off-state voltage





Off-state current

≤ 2 MA

Isolation voltage

≥1500 V

Adiabatic voltage

≥1500 V

Insulation resistance

≥100 MΩ

Operating Temperature


Heat dissipation conditions

≥20A with heat sink, ≥50A plus fan strong cooling

Safety factor of load current

Resistive load 2.5-4 times; inductive load 3-5 times

Dimension (code)


Notes on product selection:

According to the size of the load power, different current margin should be selected. The larger the power, the larger the current margin. Generally, the current capacity of the solid state relay is 2.5 to 5 times the load current. In addition, add over-current protection to the load circuit to prevent short circuits. The method is: the load circuit is connected in series with a fast circuit breaker or fast fuse.

The output circuit of this model is equipped with an internal overvoltage protection circuit, which can be used without additional overvoltage protection as long as over-current protection is added. Over-current protection method: the input circuit is connected in series with a fast circuit breaker or fast fuse.

If the load power supply is taken from the AC power supply through rectification into DC pulsating power supply, the filter capacitor must be added at the power end for filtering. The size of the capacitance is determined by the size of the load current.

According to the size of the selected solid state relay current, working mode, environmental conditions,achoice of heat sink should be different, the area of the heat sink should be large rather than small.

When installing, it is required that the contact surface between the heat sink and the product shall be flat and smooth, and a layer of thermally conductive silicone grease shall be applied to its surface, and finally the screws set with flat washers and spring washers shall be tightened and fixed symmetrically.

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