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COBC Water-proof lifting button control platorm

Water-proof lifting button control platorm of COBC-series

Products Usage

COBC series rain-proof crane control button station is a new developed product which obtains the good points of similar products in the country or abroad. The plastic cover is good-looking, strong and easy to catch. It has a reasonable advanced structure with a big capacity contactor.The positive & negative direction control can be mechanically locked reciprocally. It also can be circuit locked reciprocally it necessary, which is secure and credile. It has a satisfactory button station with dirrerent function switches and arrange. It has rubber and plastic cable cover and water-proof aesling, Thus it has a good performance (IP56 level) in dustproof and waterproof and is very suitable for open air, rainy or snowy days, dusty environ ment or when It’s operated by wet hands such as electric cucurbit, open air conveyer belt, and construction electric equipment remote control.

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