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Product Details

BYX-BNC Coaxial Signal Lightning ProtectorPDF

BYX-BNC coaxial signal lightning protector perfect shape dimenstion, IP standard mode and 35mm DIN rail 35mm installation. Ports direction can be choose by one sides or different sides, easily to install. Product height is IU standard dimension, easily assemble several modules into19 inches standard cabinet brace and also can adjust lightning connector and voltages to meet different requests, come to freely conveniently combination and installation.

■ Discharge current come to 10KA
■ Low voltage protection level
■ DIN rail 35mm installation
■ Two ports and two class surge protection
■ Multi-connectors standard module design
■ High response speed
■ Bidirection connectors (F/M,F/F)
■ Super transmisstion performance, low insert loss
■ Information system surge over voltage protector
■ Can integrate 1-24 ports combination mode

Scope of application
■ Protection of public CATV terminal equipment
■ Protection of monitoring system video equipment
■ Protection of coaxial network signal equipment
■ Protection of other signal equipment

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