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    9CB 10kA MCB9CB 10kA MCB9CB 10kA MCB9CB 10kA MCB9CB 10kA MCB9CB 10kA MCB9CB 10kA MCB9CB 10kA MCB9CB 10kA MCB9CB 10kA MCB
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9CB 10kA MCB

Miniature Circuit Breakers (9CB 6-63A 10kA)

9CB series MCB is applicable to circuit with rated voltage up 415V AC, rated frequency 50/60Hz and rated current up to 63A for protection and control of circuit against overload and short circuit in commercial, household and electric equipment installation. The product is also suitable for non-frequently making and breaking operation.

Protection Overload and short circuit
Standard conformity IEC:60898
Type/Series B C D
Rated current(In) A 6-63* 6-63* 6-63*
Rated voltage(ac)(Ue) V 240/415 240/415 240/415
Rated frequency(f) Hz 50/60 50/60 50/60
Nos. of poles(Execution) 1P,1P+N,2P,3P,3P+N,4P
Rated short circuit breaking capacity kA 10 10 10
Utilization category      
Magnetic release setting (3-5)In (5-10)In (10-20)In
Rated insulation voltage(Ui) V 660 660 660
Rated impulse voltage(Uimp) kV 4 4 4
Endurance(no. of operations)
Less than 32A   20000 20000 20000
More than 32A   10000 10000 10000
Ambient temperature -5 to +55 -5 to +55 -5 to +55
Terminal capacity(max) 25 25 25
Protection class IP20
Installation postion Vertical/Horizontal
Mounting Clip on DIN rail(35mm*7.5mm)
Case & Cover Moulded, flame retardant thermoplastic meterial
Current ratings-6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63.
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