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60A to 300A Single Phase AC Solid State Regulators

l Control side and output side with opto-isolation and non-isolation.

l Control method potentiometer or voltage signal two kinds.

l Silicon controlled phase shift output, wide adjustment range, no mechanical wear and tear, long service life.

l Two-wire control voltage regulation, easy to use and simple.

l Small size, in many cases can replace the contact regulator.

l Mainly used in industrial electric furnaces, electric ovens, lighting, fans and other equipment for temperature regulation, dimming, speed control.

Model GJT17 GJT18
Load voltage 0 - 240V or 0-440V
Maximum load current 60~300A
Control mode External adjustable potentiometer 470~560KΩ/ 1W Control signal 010 VDC
Off-state voltage ≥ 400 V ≥ 800 V
Isolation voltage Non-electrically isolated from control and output ≥ 1800 V
Insulation voltage ≥2000 V
Insulation resistance ≥100 MΩ
Power frequency 50~60 HZ
Operating Temperature -20~75℃
Heat dissipation conditions ≥20A with heat sink, ≥30A plus fan strong cooling
Load current safety factor Inductive load 3~4 times; Resistive load 2~3 times
Dimensions: 94×34×32 mm

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