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60A three phase thyristor module

60A three phase thyristor module


- Non-Isolated. Mounting base as common
- Pressure contact technology with Increased power cycling capability
- Low on-state voltage drop

Typical Application
- Welding Power Supply
- Various DC Power supplies
- DC supply for PWM inverter

IT(AV):60A; VDRM/VRRM:200-600V; ITSM:2.10A×103; I2t:22.4A2S*103
Symbol Characteristic Test conditions TJ(oC) Value Unit
Min Type Max
IT(AV) Mean on-state current 180o half sine wave 50Hz
Single side cooled, Tc=110oC
140 60 A
IT(RMS) RMS on-state current 140 94 A
Repetitive peak off-state voltage
Repetitive peak reverse voltage
VDRM&VRRM tp=10ms
140 200 600 V
Repetitive peak current at VDRM
140 6 mA
ITSM Surge on-state current 10ms half sine wave
140 2.10 KA
I2t I2t for fusing coordination 22.4 A2s*103
VTO Threshold voltage 140 0.80 V
rT On-state slop resistance 2.65
VTM Peak on-state voltage ITM=180A 25 1.35 V
dv/dt Critical rate of rise of off-state voltage VDM=67%VDRM 140 800 V/μs
di/dt Critical rate of rise of on-state current Gate source 1.5A
tr ≤0.5μs Repetitive
140 100 A/μs
IGT Gate trigger current VA=12V, IA=1A 25 30 100 mA
VGT Gate trigger voltage 0.8 2.5 V
IH Holding current 20 150 mA
VGD Non-trigger gate voltage At 67%VDRM 140 0.2 V
Rth(j-c) Thermal resistance Junction to case Single side cooled 0.420 oC/W
Rth(c-h) Thermal resistance case to heat sink Single side cooled 0.1 oC/W
Fm Thermal connection torque (M5) 4.0 N·m
Mounting torque (M6) 6.0 N·m
Tstg Stored temperature -40 125 oC
Wt Weight 220 g
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