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5 output solid state relaysPDF

GCM-5A10N32 is applied by PLC or controller to switch the High-current Device. With excellent isolate protection, the module can prevent PLC and controller is damaged by electronic interference.

►High isolation voltage ( 3750Vrms )
►Low forward voltage drop ( less than 40mVDC at Load current is 1A , 70mVDC, Maximum operating frequency can be increased to 100kHz
►Both NPN and PNP input type can be applied
►Every channel can be paralleled to multiply the load current

Input GCM-5A10N32
Nominal voltage 12~24VDC
Nominal operating current 6mA
Min. Nominal voltage 11VDC
Input type NPN or PNP
Nominal switching capacity (resistive load) 5A 24VDC @ 25
Max. switching voltage 30VDC
Max. Continuous current 5A
Pulsed Current 40A
Forward Voltage Drop 40mV @ 1A; <200mV @5A;
Maximum Off-State Leakage Current 0.1mA
Electrical characteristics
Isolation voltage 3750Vrms @ AC, 1min., R.H. <60% 10000Vrms @ AC, 1sec, in oil
Switch frequency 100kHz
Status Indicating Display Green LED
Ambient Operating Temperature Range 20 to 80
Ambient Storage Temperature Range 40 to 100

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