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4 channel ac output solid state relays

Voltage Control voltage Control method Rated operational current
10 Amp 15 Amp 20 Amp
240VAC 4-32VDC Zero cross GS64-1024ZD3 GS64-1524ZD3 GS64-2024ZD3
380VAC 4-32VDC Zero cross GS64-1038ZD3 GS64-1538ZD3 GS64-2038ZD3
240VAC 4-32VDC Random GS64-1024RD3 GS64-1524RD3 GS64-2024RD3
380VAC 4-32VDC Random GS64-1038RD3 GS64-1538RD3 GS64-2038RD3

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