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Product Details
Product Details

4-10 channel output solid state relaysPDF

Model DC output (triacs)
Channel NO NC Current Voltage Output type Frequency
GCM-5A10N 5 5 - 5A 30V NPN 1KHZ
GCM-5A10N32 5 3 2 5A 30V NPN 1KHZ
GCM-8A10N 8 8 - 5A 30V NPN 1KHZ
GCM-8A10N44 8 4 4 5A 30V NPN 1KHZ

AC output (SCR)
Model Channel Current Voltage
GCM-8A10P6N2 6 5A 220V
GCM-4A10P 4 5A 220V

Model Channel DC or AC output (relay type)
Total Indepenent Output Status Current Voltage On/Off frequency
GCM-8S2A5R 8 2 NO 1A 0-30VDC OR 0-220VAC <20 times / min
GCM-10A5R 10 - NO 1A 0-30VDC OR 0-220VAC <20 times / min
GCM-10S2A5R 10 2 NO 1A 0-30VDC OR 0-220VAC <20 times / min

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