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3 phase multi-tariff DIN rail active energy meter

GEM041AL three phase four wire electronic multi-rate DIN rail active energy meter is a kind of three phase four wire two tariffs (tariff conversion is controlled by timer outside or similar equipment) active energy meter, the meter completely accord with relevant technical requirements of class 1 three phase active energy meter stipulated in international standard IEC 62053-21. It can accurate and directly measure 50Hz or 60Hz active energy consumption from three phase four wire AC electricity net. This meter has sevendigits LCD displays shows various consumption data and information. And there are far infrared and RS485communication module in it. It is use for setting and reading the meter. Contact with all kind of AMR systemconveniently. It has following features: good reliability, small volume, light weight, specious nice appearance, convenient installation, etc.

Function and feature:

• 35mm standard DIN rail installation, complying with standard DIN EN50022. Or front board installed (mounting holes center distance 63 mm), users can choose any one by themselves.

• Ten pole width (Modulus 12.5mm), complying with standard JB/T7121-1993.

• Have two tariffs, and port of set the tariff, input control voltage 0-90 Vac, set up tariff F1, input control voltage 150-400 Vac, set up tariff F2, the tariff conversion is controlled by timer outside or similar equipment.

• May select cycle display (default) or push the button itemized dis play, we can set the cycle display, it can display 14 data at most. Can select the data which displayed. The decimal median which displayed can choose set one or two.

• Use memory that is not loss easy, the data can be kept forever after blackout.

• There are a polarity port of pulse output passive closed and a non polarity port of pulse output passive distant, the output rate is 10 or 100 imp/kWh (can select) Complying with standard IEC 62053-31 and DIN 43864.

• There are far infrared and a port of RS485 communication data. It is use for setting and reading the meter, communication agreement complying with standard DL/T645-1997.

• Nine LED instructions respectively power supply state, signal of energy impulse, the direction of the flow of load current, the tariff state just now and the data communications state.

• Single direction three components measure three phase four wire active energy consumption. It is nothing with direction of the flow of load current. Complying with standard IEC 62053-21.

• Standard configuration type S wiring (Inlet from bottom, outlet from top) for direct connect operation, we can also choose another type of wiring, and use CT (Product Configuration code is BN) and PT & CT (Product Configuration code is BP) for operation.

• Standard configuration short terminals cover, may select extension terminals cover, in order to protect to use safety. (Product Configuration code is BM).

Model Accuracy Reference
GEM041AL Class 1 3x127/220
AC voltage 4kv for 1 minute 1.2/50us waveform impulse voltage 6kV

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