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10-40A 3 phase SSRPDF

3 phase solid state relays (Triacs output 10A to 40A)

GT series three phase Solid State Relays is used three phase loads. triacs output. GT series is Dual triacs Power Hybrid technology provides highly efficient thermal management for greatly increased cyclic life.

- Rated operational current 3X10, 3X15, 3X25, 3X40A.
- Both “Zero crossing” & “Random Switching” versions.
- Input Voltage Range 4 to 16 Vdc, 4 to 32 Vdc, 90 to 250Vac.
- 2500 Vrms Optical Isolation.(input/output)

- LED-indication for control input.

Symbol Meaning
G Greegoo
T Three phase
* 10-10A, 15-15A, 25-25A, 40-40A
* 48-480V
* Z-zero control, R-random control
* D1-4-16Vdc, D3-4-32Vdc A2-90-250Vac
For example: GT4048ZD3, 3 phase, 40A, 480Vac, 3-32Vdc control

Voltage Control Voltage Operational current
10A 15A 25A 40A
480 VAC "Zero crossing switching" 4~16 Vdc GT1048ZD1 GT1548ZD1 GT2548ZD1 GT4048ZD1
4~32 Vdc GT1048ZD3 GT1548ZD3 GT2548ZD3 GT4048ZD3
90~250Vac GT1048ZA2 GT1548ZA2 GT2548ZA2 GT4048ZA2
480 VAC Random control 4~16 Vdc GT1048RD1 GT1548RD1 GT2548RD1 GT4048RD1
4~32 Vdc GT1048RD3 GT1548RD3 GT2548RD3 GT4048RD3
90~250Vac GT1048RA2 GT1548RA2 GT2548RA2 GT4048RA2

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