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1.5kV oil pump switchboard QYK1.5-200

QYK oil pump switchboard mainly consists of high voltage load breaking switch (for 1.5kV is isolating switch), high voltage vacuum contactor, high voltage current-limiting fuse, control transformer, current transformer, lightning arrester and so forth main components and auxiliary components, and control intellectually by the oil pump controller with the oil pump recording ammeter. This oil pump switchboard can be operated both manually and automatically, features of long electric lifetime and mechanical lifetime without frequent maintenance for the composite structure; safe and reliable for the inner door insulating the high voltage room and low voltage room with safety interlocking device, apply to IEC298 (1990) standard as the ideal product for the oil pump control device.

Name Unit QYK1.5-200
Rated voltage (Ue) (Ue) V 1500
Rated current (Ie) (Ie) A 200
Rated making capacity (I) kA 4
Rated breaking capacity (Ic) kA 3.2
Rated frequency Hz 50/60
Rated short circuit breaking current kA ≤50(due to fuse)
Power frequency withstand voltage test main circuitwithout breakdownwithout flashover V/S 5kV/1min
control circuitwithout breakdownwithout flashover V/S 2kV/1min
Mechanical lifetime Vacuum contactor 10000 times 100
Electric lifetime Vacuum contactor 10000 times 20( AC-3)
Secondary control Rated voltage V 120AC
Rated frequency VA ≯600/50
Weight KG 230
Protection degree IP54
Outline dimension mm 665(W) x 520(D) x 1690(H)

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