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DC SSR, Solid State Relay DC Load, DC/AC to DC SSR relay
Date:2022.12.12 Views:2150
Panel Mount Dc Load Solid State Relays

Our Panel Mount DC Output SSR is available with ratings of 10 to 2000 Amps at 100 to 2500 VDC. Greegoo's DC to DC SSR can be easily mounted into a metal plate or a heatsink.  We also have a good position to supply special function of DC SSR, such as over-current protection, short-circuit protection, 0-10V or potentiometer 10 KΩ or 4-20mA control dc ssr regulator, AC input but DC Load SSR with rectifier circuit up to 500A in single and three phase.

10A to 180A DC output solid state relays

120A to 400A solid state relays dc load 500-2000A dc to dc solid state relays

Single phase full wave rectifier DC load solid state relay

3 phase full wave rectifier DC load SSR relay

DC load solid state regulator


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