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VS1-12kV Vacuum Circuit BreakersPDF

VS1-12 Model indoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a type of holistic and completely sealed HV switchgear, it has compact dimension and small volume. The VCB applies to power system of rated voltage 12kV, three-phase and AC 50/60Hz. It is applicable in occasions with frequent operations, acting to protect and control line and electric apparatus.

Ambient condition
1. Altitude: ≤1000m;
2. Ambient temperature: -25oC~+40oC;
3. Relative humidity: daily average ≤95% monthly average ≤90%;
4. Earthquake intensity: ≤8 degree;
5. Applicable occasions should free from inflammable, explosives, corrosives and severe vibration.

Product feature
Holistic structure
Sealed spark chamber
Effective vacuum arc-extinguish
Good mechanical behavior
Various mounting approach

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