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Three Phase Rectifier Bridge (VUO 105)

Three Phase Rectifier Bridge (VUO-105)

Package with screw terminals
Isolation voltage 3000 V~
Planar passivated chips
Blocking voltage up to 1800 V
Low forward voltage drop

Supplies for DC power equipment
Input rectifiers for PWM inverter
Battery DC power supplies
Field supply for DC motors

Easy to mount with two screws
Space and weight savings

Improved temperature and power cycling

Parameter VUO105-16NO7
VRRM, (V) 1600
VRSM, (V) 1700
IDAVM, (A) 120
@ TH, (°C) -
@ Tc, (°C) 105
IFSM, 10 ms, Tvj = 45°C, (A) 1500
VT0, (V) 0.78
rT, (mOhms) 4.8
Tvjm, (°C) 150
RthJC, per chip, (K/W) 0.80
RthJH, per chip, (K/W) 1.10

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